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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire
1. Do you rely on quality of the service given to you?
2. The quality certification ISO 9001-2008 we have, is it an important factor to choose us for you?
3. Can you easily forward your complaints and suggestions to us?
4. Do you get reply to your inquiry in the indicated time?
5. The delivery dates of orders followed?
6. Do we develop solutions effectively and in time for problems and complaints you have with our products?
7. Are you satisfied of attitudeand behavior of our workers?
8. Appraise your satisfaction for our products.
9. Would you suggest our products to other companies ?
10. Can you easily get complete information for our products when you need ? *
Can you gradate criterias according to the importance at selecting our company?
11. Price
12. Quality of Product
13. Product Range
14. Reliability
15. Service Ouality
Please indicate your satisfaction level according to the below subjects for ATİK MAKİNA.
16. Trademark Power
17. Prices
18. Reliability
19. Quality
Company Name
The person form filling
Whom task in company
Your suggestions
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